Would the rights accompany the deposit?

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] American Composer Films Need a Home

This just in from NYC from Electra Yourke, the daughter of the late
conductor and musicologist Nicolas Slonimsky. Anyone have any ideas?

These are filmed interviews with important composers.

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John Huszar, who made the documentary on NS, has an extraordinary archive of
virtually complete one-hour video interviews (and some performances) of 20th
century American composers.  These were filmed with NIH/NIA funds but the
series (for broadcast) was abandoned before it was completed.  Subjects
include Ned Rorem, David Diamond, Lou Harrison, Ellen Zwilich, Robert Craft,
Jacob Druckman, etc.  He has finally consented, after I have badgered him
for years, to seek out a repository for these works where scholars,
musicians, etc. could access them on line.  There is a total of 26, all
created with the highest professional standards, broadcast quality, only
needing perhaps $10,000 each for final editing and conversion to digital.
Do you have some ideas where these materials could be deposited, their
existence made known to the interested public, with the ability to
disseminate them appropriately..??

Rights are owned by FilmAmerica, John's company.=