I use 99% pure rubbing alcohol and have never had a problem with it. Diamond 
discs are not cellulose but phenolic . The Edison sleeves state to use 
alcohol. -Mickey

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Hi David,

I believe alcohol is a solvent to the celluloid surface on a Diamond Disc. 
It's also a solvent to shellac, so it shouldn't be used on the vast majority 
of "78-rpm" records. Bags Unlimited has a non-alcohol formulation which I've 
found safe on lacquers and shellac records:

Scroll down to "Groovy® Record Cleaner for 78 rpm Records." I haven't tried 
this on Diamond Discs, but I would expect it to be fine. You have to be 
careful using any liquid cleaner on Diamond Discs. If liquid gets into the 
wood-pulp core, the record can delaminate. Careful application to the 
celluloid surface with a pump sprayer should be OK.

I hope this helps.



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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Cleaning Diamond Discs with Grain Alcohol

Will ethyl alcohol harm Diamond Discs?  I tried cleaning one
recently and it left rub marks on the surface which will not wipe
off.  It appears to actually have altered the surface.

David Breneman
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