Hi Richard,

It's more like the back coat pulled off.

I will definitely bake at a lower temp next time and for much longer.


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John has provided good advice. 133 °F is a wee bit high. The Ampex patent states 50 or 54 °C which is 122 or 129 °F.

I routinely bake at about 50 °C for a minimum of 24 hours for 1/4-inch tape in lots of one or two.

I baked over 100 1/2-inch Ampex 406 tapes about a decade ago and putting eight in the food dehydrator at once, I had to bake the lot for 48 hours to have them playable.

How is the shedding happening? Is it falling off, or did the back coat pull off the mag coat?



On 2018-05-25 3:05 PM, John Chester wrote:
> On 5/25/18 2:54 PM, Banuelos, Christopher A wrote:
>> Thanks for your reply. I have a probe thermometer, but I have it just 
>> kind of sitting in there through the gap in the front door/plate 
>> thing. I have been able to maintain a temp of 133. I will adjust this 
>> down. But overnight, you say? I didn't think I was supposed to bake 
>> it that long. I will give that a shot for sure.
> As tapes continue to age, the required baking time seems to be 
> increasing.  Once upon a time 12 hours was OK.  I've done a lot of 
> Ampex tape from the 1970's, and my minimum baking time is now 24 
> hours.  Reels which are in bad shape may require 48 hours.  12 hour 
> cooldown is OK, but 24 is better.
> -- John Chester
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