Good afternoon. My name is Chris Banuelos and I am the Audiovisual Preservation Specialist at the University of Kansas.
There is a collection of RTR audiotapes that I am currently re-housing/digitizing. A few of the tapes seem to have sticky shed (unfortunately, I do not know what brand of tape they are, nor exactly how old they are; they are approx.. 30-40 years old). I baked one of the tapes on a pancake at about 133 degrees F for about 4 hours, then let it cool overnight. However, most of the backing peeled off the tape. Some of the magnetized oxide side of the tape flaked off, too (luckily this was a duplicate tape, so it will be ok!). Since this was the result of my experiment, I am thinking that I maybe did something wrong. Also, I was using an Excalibur brand food dehydrator to bake the tape.

If anyone has any pro tips and/or tricks/advice for baking tapes, PLEASE feel free to e-mail me off-list. I would appreciate any and all of the help I can get and you all are the experts that I trust.

Thanks so much in advance!

Chris Ba˝uelos
Audiovisual Preservation Specialist
Spencer Research Library Rm. 110
The University of Kansas
(785) 864-3579
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