We are trying to date and contextualize all the 78's we have online.  We
seem to get about 2/3 of the 78's via automated searching of things like, DAHR, discogs, Cashbox, and 45worlds, as well as

That leaves us about 15,000 undated 78's at this point (out of 63,000 we
have digitized so far).  (*&sin=&sort=-publicdate

Searching on Google books indicate there are discographies that can help
us, but their snippet view makes them unuseful.   We are starting to
work with the awesome libraries we digitize within in order to digitize

So the ask...

If you have discographies that you would be up for donating, we would be
happy to non-destructively digitize them and use them for this project
and others wanting to use them, and then preserve the physical books.

If it is more than just a couple, we can help arrange for and pay for

If you want to participate, but what your books back, you can bring the
regional scanning center and they can digitize them there.  this is
doable but kind of a pain.

Thank you for considering this.


p.s. if you would like to help date 78's pls write to [log in to unmask]
or to me.