I have a patron looking for two reports, both classified.  We don't have copies here, and neither does DTIC.  Does anyone have any ideas?  If you have a copy, I can put you in contact with my patron to verify clearances and distribution access. Crossing my fingers that someone out there has it because we're at a dead end here!

Title:  Project Master Plan for Seafire (U)
Published by:  Naval Surface Warfare Center
*This publisher is my organization, but we don't have a copy.  We think it perhaps was only ever a draft.
Author:  Royce, G. A. 
Date:  11/01/76

Title:  Seafire Engineering Design Analysis Report (U)
Publisher:  Honeywell, Inc.
Author:  Dolce, S.
Date:  12/01/79
Report Number:  Honeywell-TD-211-79


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