One of our researchers is looking for the following report but have not had any luck obtaining it.  The only library that seems to own a copy was not able to loan it last time I checked (this is a second request for this article). 

I have already placed a request through IAMSLIC for the article without success.  I've also checked Worldshare, and gone to the Inter-American Development Bank website to look through their publications.  I've also searched ICLARM's website.  The only place I find the document listed is on  but there is not digital copy available and no one to contact for obtaining a copy. 

The author is deceased.  

Growth and mortality rates of coral reef fish derived from mark-and-recapture and length-frequency data..
Marine Protected Areas and the Management of Coral Reef Fisheries.. ICLARM Technical Report to the Inter-American Development Bank.. 24-36 p.

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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