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Forthcoming -  Volume 14, Issue 2, Summer 2018

ContentsISSN 1574-1796

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Grey Literature and Research Assessment Exercises: From the Current Criteria to the Open Science models
Silvia Giannini, Rosaria Deluca, Anna Molino, and Stefania Biagioni (Italy)

A Facet-based Open and Extensible Resource Model for Research Data Infrastructures
Luca Frosini and Pasquale Pagano (Italy)

Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Grey Literature Management
Dobrica Savić (Austria)

Collecting Grey Literature – Institutional Repository versus National Aggregator
Petra Černohlávková and Hana Vyčítalová (Czech Republic)

Providing Access to Grey Literature: The CLARIN Infrastructure
Sara Goggi, Gabriella Pardelli, Irene Russo, Roberto Bartolini, and Monica Monachini (Italy)

Preserving and accessing content stored on USB-flash-drives: A TIB workflow
Oleg Nekhayenko (Germany)






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Open Data Forum - Open Data for Research and Enhanced Publication
GreyForum Series - Center for National Research, Pisa, Italy 
  May 25, 2018



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GL20 Call for Posters  - Research Data Fuels and Sustains Grey Literature
Loyola University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA    December 3-4, 2018





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