The following list of excess books are now available from the PIADC Research Library.


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Advanced Immunochemistry (1972)

An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Application (1968)

Automation, Mechanization, Data Handling in Microbio. (1970)

Coccidioidomycosis: Symposium Proceedings(1965)

Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers (1991)

Immunoenzymatic Techniques (1976)

Mechanisms of Virus Disease (1974)

Microsoft Office 2010 for Dummies (2010)

Modern Developments in Electron Microscopy (1964)

Molecular Biology of the Cell 4th Ed (2002)

Oncogenic Viruses (1970)

Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Vol. 1 & 2 (1983)

Pathologic Basis of Disease 6th Ed (1999)

Proceedings of First International Camel Conference (1992)

Sampling Methods for Censuses and Surveys (1965)

Statpal User’s Manual (1987)

Systat II – Graphics (2004)

The Herpesviruses (1973)

The Immune System (1974)

The Interpretation of Ultrastructure (1962)

The Marcophage (1970)

The Pathology of Fishes (1975)

The Theory and Practice of Scintillation Counting (1964)

Transfer RNA (1978)

Virus Taxonomy (2000)





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