We discovered the problem with the March statistics at the end of the day on Wednesday, but because the PCC Operations Committee meetings were being held here all day yesterday and much of today, we were not able to resolve the problem until this afternoon.

Corrected versions of the March 2018 document and the March 2018 semi-annual compilation have now been posted. The April 2018 statistics have also been posted. So, all should be well.

Apologies for the snafu!


Manon Théroux
Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division
Library of Congress

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Has anyone else noticed that the statistics for March 2018 is linked to a PDF that is named "MARCH2018.pdf," but is labeled "Compilation April 2018" on the first page, has a running footer showing the date as "Friday, April 27, 2018," and shows nothing but zeros?



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