This is covered by RDA  If the title of the part is distinctive enough on its own to use as the preferred title, the common title is recorded as a series.  If the title of the part or section is not sufficient to identify the manifestation, the preferred title should include both the collective title and the title of the part.

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Subject: [PCCLIST] question regarding preferred titles for single parts of monographs which have both their unique title land and alphabetic/numeric deskgnation

I have a question on where in RDA there is a specific instruction on how to create a preferred title for a monograph that has a separately catalogued part which has a title of its own and a numeric or alphabetic designation. Based on previous practices I would use the title of the part by itself as preferred title. I would then make a cross-reference from the heading for the whole work and the title of the part as a subheading of the title of the whole work. I would include in the cross-reference the numeric and caption designation of the part if there is one.
I was trying to help a colleague and could not locate the rule in RDA that provides precise instructions on what to do when there is a numeric/alphabetic (with or without) caption designation along with a title for the part. RDA tells us what to do:
“If the part is identified only by a general term with or without a numeric or alphabetic designation … “
And it gives an exception on what to do when we have both a designation and a title when our resource is serial or integrating resource. I could not find any instructions on what to do when we have both a designation and a title if our resource is a monograph.
Interestingly RDA includes an example from AACR2 (which provides very specific guidelines on what to do for the above situation) but does not provide any information on how they came up with the preferred title
The two towers
Preferred title for a part of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The lord of the rings.

The NAR for this heading does have the following cross-reference. This example is in AACR2 as well but was onlyu partly carried over to RDA

Tolkien, J. R. R. ǂq (John Ronald Reuel), ǂd 1892-1973. ǂt Lord of the rings. ǂn 2, ǂp Two towers

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, Heidi Lerner

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