Thanks, Kathie.  As I mentioned, if we had had even one book by one of the authors, I would have gone ahead and done the work myself, but since we had neither, it was hard to justify the work.  Thank you for undertaking this.  Now I don't need to worry, since it is in your very capable hands.

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I agree, this is clearly two different people.

The librarian/slavist now goes by what I assume is her married name, Eva Hüttl-Hubert (not Hubert-Hüttl,and without the Maria), and, as you say, there is a DNB record clearly establishing this (it calls "Hubert, Eva-Maria" her former name). DNB would also be the source for the birth year, 1949, for her.

There is another DNB record for Hubert, Eva-Maria, born 1983, but this appears to be a third person. She is an educator and the only publication in OCLC for her is "'Strassenkinder' in Deutschland."

The publications of the economist Eva-Maria Hubert are listed on the website you mentioned, They go back to 1998, so that should at least establish that she is not the same person as the educator, born 1983. The text says she is married with two grown children, so I assume she is at least in her forties. (I might guess older from her picture, but we really don't want to go there.) Oh, and also, she is a "Dr." There is also a DNB record for her, although it mistakenly has her instead of the librarian/slavist listed as a contributor to one publication.

My library has one publication by the librarian/slavist, and one by the economist, so I will take on the task of creating a new NAR for "Hüttl-Hubert, Eva, 1949-" and revising the old NAR for the economist, Hubert, Eva-Maria. 

WorldCat identities is certainly not a good source to cite on an authority record--in fact, even if there weren't a situation like this where two people are conflated on an NAR, I can't think of a single reason to cite it rather than the underlying OCLC records. If you search there now, you will find all three Eva-Maria Huberts conflated under one "identity," "Hubert, Eva-Maria published: 1987-2015 (Exhibition catalogs)," and yet there is a second "identity" for the economist, "Hubert, Eva-Maria published: 1998 (History)."

LC will be notified for BFM, and I'll fix the English-language records in OCLC (none is linked to the present NAR, so at least that's not a problem).

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