I neglected to put a deadline in my previous message. Please contact me by Friday, May 18 if you’re interested in serving on one of these groups.






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Subject: [PCCLIST] New PCC groups being formed


Dear PCC members,


We’re forming some new groups to work on aspects of the new strategic directions, and we’re looking for a few volunteers.


PCC Communication Board (pilot):


Strategic Direction 2 is about maximizing PCC’s operational effectiveness. Action item 2.5 is about improving communication channels within the PCC community and outward to other communities. As a first step, we’re trying a one-year pilot of a PCC Communication Board, to help share information about what’s going on throughout the PCC. The Board will produce a quarterly bulletin that will be shared on the PCC list and on the website. There will be four members. For each quarterly issue of the bulletin, one of the members will take lead editorial responsibility. Board members will be provided with a template and will rotate responsibility for reaching out to various PCC committees and task groups for updates. The pilot will be evaluated after one year by doing a survey of the membership.


PCC Task Group on Engagement and Broadening the PCC Community:


Strategic Direction 1 is about broadening our scope to be more diverse, inclusive, and collaborative. This new task group addresses the first action item, to explore ways to increase membership participation and broaden the PCC’s skill base and community of practice. The group will explore and make recommendations about alternative models for membership. expanding liaisons to cover a wider range of partner communities, increasing the inclusiveness and diversity of the membership, and expanding international participation.


The charges for these two groups are attached.


If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me directly (not the list) at [log in to unmask]. Please let me know why you would like to serve on the group and a little about your experience with the PCC. Also, since we may have many volunteers for only a few spots, please rest assured that if you express interest but are not appointed, we will keep track of your interest and may tap you for other upcoming opportunities.






Lori Robare

PCC Chair

University of Oregon Libraries

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