Hi, Jasmine,

Leave it; better to err on the side of caution. That measurement lets a library know if the item will fit on a certain shelf, so better to overestimate than under-.

Krista Casada

Cataloging Assistant

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Subject: [PCCLIST] 300 field mystery

Good morning, all -

I was wondering what other CONSER catalogers do in a situation like this one. My institution has a near-complete run of a record for which a good I-level record exists in OCLC. However, since I have to look through the pieces anyway, I've decided to go ahead and authenticate the record. There is a snag, though: the height already recorded in the 300 $c is 29 cm. I suspect that our copy may have been trimmed slightly to fit in binders in the stacks, because my pieces in hand are 28 cm.

My inclination in this situation is to leave the $c as it is, because I believe 29 cm to be correct, but I just wondered what others thought.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Jasmine Rizer

Head, Serials Cataloging Section

University of Georgia Main Library

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