OCLC is beginning to convert 260 fields in RDA bibliographic records in WorldCat to 264 fields.  Initial conversion will include the straightforward cases, where 260 can easily be converted to 264 for a publication statement.  Example:


260    $a London : $b Macmillan Education Limited, $c [1972]

After Conversion

264  1 $a London : $b Macmillan Education Limited, $c [1972]


Once the straightforward cases are complete, we will look at how to update more complex cases.


Background: RDA cataloging instructions were used to create RDA bibliographic records (coded 040 $e rda) prior to implementation of the MARC field 264.  Since 264 was implemented in 2012, use of 264 fields instead of the 260 field is preferred for RDA publication data.  Because of that gap in time, there are about 1.5 million RDA records in WorldCat with a 260 field instead of 264 fields.  Converting 260 to 264 will make the data more consistent, and will facilitate conversion to future data configurations.


The January 2018 AskQC office hours (slides and Q&A available at https://oc.lc/askqc) announced plans for this.  For more information, please view those slides and look at the summary and questions from that presentation. 



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