So far as I have found that the work to Glaucon is Loeb no. 523.  It appears that they are two different works.  BUT, I cannot find it now, but somewhere in my searching, chapter 7 of Method of Medicine is the same or similar to the the Method sent to Glaucos.  So not only may it be a separate work, but a work, a part of a whole, which has its own title.  If you have LCL 523, take a look at it.

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A question for the classicists on the list.


Does the authority record for Galen. On the therapeutic method (n98078266) conflate two different works?


I have in front of me Galen’s Method of Medicine, volume 516 in the Loeb series.  On page ix of the introduction, the Latin title is given as Methodus medendi, which is found in one of the record’s 400 fields.  The introduction’s author later points out that Method of Medicine “is supplemented by the much shorter Method of Medicine for Glaucon,” a work also covered by the same authority record.  The Greek title for the work in hand is presented on page 1; I believe it would be transcribed as: Galenou Therapeutikes Methodou.





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