As announced at the PCC Operations Committee (OpCo) meeting earlier this month during the OCLC update, OCLC is developing NACO functionality in WorldShare Record Manager.  With the release planned for 29 July 2018, NACO members will be able to create and maintain NACO records in the LC/NACO Name authority file using the Record Manager interface.  Creation and maintenance of the authority records for Canadiana names will also be enabled for Library and Archives Canada.

Please note that doing NACO work in Record Manager will be a choice available to NACO members. Connexion continues to be available for NACO work.

New features in Record Manager include:

  *   Support of roles and permissions for NACO participants and LAC users
  *   Ability to create, add, derive, edit, and replace both LC/NACO Name Authority records and Canadiana Name Authority records
  *   Duplicate Detection upon adding or replacing authority records
  *   Support for linking authority records
  *   Online Saved - In Progress File and ability to save and lock authority records
  *   Support of the "submit for review" workflow for LC/NACO Name Authority file records
  *   The ability to make changes to an authority record after contribution up until the daily distribution (rather than having it locked until it comes back from LC)

Let me highlight this last bullet, since that drew the most attention at the OpCo meeting.  If you contribute a new or updated NACO record and notice something you want to change, you will be able to do that within Record Manager on the same day, up until the time the file is distributed to LC.  After the daily distribution, the records will be locked in distribution as you experience now, until they come back from LC.  Information on the timing of this will be included in training and documentation when the functionality is available.

This new functionality complements functionality for working with authority records that has already been released with the March 2018 release<> including:

  *   Authority History File
  *   Authority Browsing (incl. root/expanded browsing for the LC/NACO Name Authority file)
  *   New preferences for authority records

New releases are announced first on the Record Manager Community Center Release Calendar. Once confirmed, releases are also announced on the System Status dashboard<>  with a link to release notes.

Once the new functionality is available, training sessions for using Record Manager to create and edit NACO records will be provided by OCLC.

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