Thank you, Will.
I agree with you; of this I'm aware.
Margaret Ericson 

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I'd strongly advise NOT applying alcohol to shellac discs. In experiments I've found that even when diluted it will have a seriously negative effect on the surface of the disc. It's often not apparent at the time, but revisiting the discs several months later the deterioration can be significant. I'd second George's suggestion that purified water, and if possible with a little wetting agent (surfactant), be used.


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Yes, you should change the sleeves; copy the text information for later retrieval (scan into a file.) There are archival sleeve available online.

Some of the USB turntables are set to capture the sound digitally, and CDs could be burned for use by professors from the digital files produced.

Storage: wood boxes of 13"x13" can be made. they will carry about 25 discs. Boxes can be stacked an moved when needed. The weight will be about that of a cement block.

Cleaning recordings: for a few 78s, I've used just some plain water, and really bad moldy records, I've used 99% isopropyl alcohol. Some in ARSC say this damages the disc eventually (changes chemicals) but if you have the scanned back up it may not matter too much. More serious is breakage.

On 6/22/2018 8:26 AM, Margaret Ericson wrote:
> Hello,
> Our library was recently gifted several 78s from China, ca 1940s. We 
> are going to keep them as our Asian Studies faculty want the library 
> to preserve and make them accessible, but we do not have a 78 
> collection or public playback that can accommodate 78s, but we do have 
> an Audio Technica LO 120 USB turntable with 78 capability in our 
> digital productions center for digital preservation.
> One is a complete 3 disc set, Chee Lai: songs of New China (Keynote), 
> in original container with graphics and a booklet by Madame Sun 
> Yat-Sen. The discs look in very good condition, but the paper 
> container and booklet (which has historic information) have a strong mildew odor.
> Another is only in a paper sleeve, which is imprinted with Chinese 
> text and many graphic illustrations, and the address of record company 
> in Shanghai (in English). The paper is musty/mildew smelling, with 
> some folds and creases but generally in good condition. The disc label 
> is imprinted with Chinese text save for the record label name, number 
> and location. Odeon Peiping 78r A 24094.
> Is there anyway to mitigate the mildew situation, or is the best 
> course of action, to remove the discs, put them in new sleeves, and encapsulate (box?
> plastic sleeve or envelope) the record cover, notes, paper material?
> Any general guidance you can provide as to whether/how to rehouse the 
> discs, sources for proper archival sleeves, etc. Would you attempt to 
> clean the recordings? I assume they are shellac discs. What info could 
> you offer in terms of information about using the Audio Technica LP
> 120 turntable to digitize this....recommendation of stylus, e.g.
> Respond privately to:
> Margaret Ericson, Arts Librarian, Colby College Libraries
> 207-859-5662
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