The groove echo comes and goes and is only in the right channel.
Unfortunately, that is the best channel for overall sound in preference to
the l/eft only or a mono mix.   The episodes are too long to substitute
portions of the two alternatives, tough I may be able to use the mono mix in
some cases.  

I'm working with acoustic recordings only for this project which limits some
eq options.  I may have to bite the $ 400 bullet and upgrade to RX6 and try
derustle.  Dunno.


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A crucial question would be what is the period of the echo? (does it match
the RPM?) This may on diocate the source of it.

You could make a duplicate track in a DAW and reverse the polarity to cancel
it out, perhaps.
Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

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> Hi Steve,
> I've been thinking about this problem  you mention of an echo on a disc.
It's not really familiar to me with discs but very familiar with magnetic
tapes where one wind of a tape can partially magnetise an adjacent wind,
resulting in "print through"  pre echoes and post echoes. Perhaps some sort
of cancellation of the echo using the actual "non echoed" signal would work.
Any chance of a short audio sample to hear exactly what you're describing?
> Tim Gillett,
> Perth,
> Western Australia
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> Subject: [ARSCLIST] Groove echo
> I'm getting decent results cleaning up acoustically recorded worn records
in RX5.
> The process I'm now using is to record flat each channel separately and
then together, then declick- usually 3 times at 7, twice at 9.5.    This has
proven to be particularly successful using the right wall as the basic file
and editing in from the other two files what I can't solve with RX or what
is clearly a better capture of a portion of the sound.   Dethump in the
declick program is a later stage.  The rest varies according to the specific
> When clearing away the noisy underbrush, I've one sound file with light
groove echo.  Rather than drop in a somewhat noisier replacement taken rom
the other two files, is there a tool in RX that can remove this audio pest?
> Steve Smolian 
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