Hi, Steve,

He last emailed the list on May 9th:

George Brock-Nannestad <[log in to unmask]>

There is a "de-bleed" function in RX6 that is meant for removing 
headphone monitor bleed and while I haven't played with it for 
print-through (which has similar characteristics to groove echo, I 
think, except that the groove echo delay would be constant whereas print 
through delay would not be).

Looking at the De-bleed module in RX6, it says "Select a bleed source 
track that is time-aligned with the bleed present in your active track 
and click Learn." So it seems they're addressing one of the two hard 
parts: Frequency matching, while making you do the other hard part: time 
alignment. You can select the bleed source and program files separately, 
it seems.

I think there is a 30-day trial of RX, but I don't know if you can 
install a trial of the upgrade. You might be able to because each major 
revision lives in its own folder, so it's possible to have multiple 
major revisions on your computer (at least in Windows).



On 2018-06-25 9:38 PM, Steve Smolian wrote:
> Has anyone measured the frequency range of acoustic records?
> I seem to recall George Brock-Nannastadt published this info somewhere but
> can't locate it.
> Also, has anyone his email address?  He's not in the ARSC directory.
> Steve Smolian
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