From what you say here Dan, it doesnt sound like much can be done if the 
recording is inherently flawed as you say, but very hard to know what to 
advise without more information. Any chance of an audio sample?

Tim Gillett

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Thanks, everyone, for all the good advice. I should have mentioned that I 
can’t use the putting the tape into a regular cassette shell gambit as I 
have to return the tapes to their owner after I digitize them. I did, 
however, adjust the azimuth as suggested and it did get noticeably brighter 
and clearer. But the problems in the tape are largely inherent. The speaker 
is extremely soft-spoken, the interviewer, a print journalist, placed the 
recorder too far away from the speaker, and thus the noise floor is brought 
way up due to the built in auto-leveling feature. So I really have to use 
RX5 (or some other noise-processing tool) to make it audible. With all that 
in mind, any RX5 tips that would help bring out the voice in these poor 
recordings using any of the modules available in the software?

Thanks again for all your help, folks.

Dan Gediman
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