Thanks, everyone for all your input so far. Some info that might help clarify things. The unit I’m using is a GE micro cassette tape player/record, NOT a mini cassette. Second, removing the tape and transferring it to a standard cassette is not an option here, as I have to return these tapes as is to their owner. Lastly, the unit has a mono mini-plug earphone jack and the recording itself is mono. And I’ve already adjusted the azimuth to the best of my ability using my ear. I don’t have access to a meter to check precisely (unless someone can suggest a software meter that would work). 

As far as RX5, I have used the De-noise module in spectral mode, feeding it a sample of the background noise. It has made it substantially better, but I’m trying to see if I can make it ever better. I also experimented with the presents of the corrective EQ module. I haven’t tried the Spectral Repair option, because frankly I’m not sure how to use it properly. If you think it could help, I’ll go online and find some tutorial videos to bring me up to speed. Ditto for any of the other RX5 modules that you think might help (de-clipping has been suggested, as has de-reverb).

Since I assume most of you have upgraded to RX6, here are the available tools in my version of RX5:

Spectral Repair
Corrective EQ
Channel Ops

Someone asked if I could upload an audio sample. I’m not sure how to do that in a listserv, so I have uploaded a raw, unprocessed sample to Google Drive here: <>. Anything else you think I should try, hearing the file and knowing what I have already tried? 

Thanks again!

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