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PCC Members,

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce that the PCC Directory is now launched. A rollout approach is being taken to activate institutions accounts and will continue through September 28, 2018.

By September 28, 2018, directory profiles for all PCC funnels, PCC funnel members, and PCC “stand-alone” institutions will be activated.  If your institution does not receive a notification that your account has been activated by September 28, 2018 please contact the email directory account [log in to unmask]. On October 1, 2018, the first day of Fiscal Year 2019, the PCC Directory will be fully launched and implemented, and will be used officially for:

1)      PCC contact information

2)      PCC affiliation information (which PCC programs you participate in)

3)      PCC statistics

4)      PCC elections

Here are some things you need to know about the PCC Directory launch:


·         The profiles for PCC funnels, PCC funnel members, and PCC “stand-alone” institutions will be activated according to the timeline at:




so please expect to receive notification that your PCC Directory profile is active around the calendar date you see in the timeline

·         PCC Funnels and PCC funnel members will be activated first (June 25 – August 24), followed by PCC “stand-alone” institutions (August 27 – September 28)

·         Recently approved institutions, funnel members, and funnels that might not appear on this timetable will also be added to the PCC Directory during this period

·         For PCC “stand-alone” institutions, the NACO contact will receive the notification

·         For PCC funnel members, the primary contact at your institution, as given to me by your funnel coordinator, will receive the notification

·         For PCC funnels, the funnel coordinator will receive the notification




·         The notification will consist of an email message with a link to the directory and a request to change your PCC Directory password

·         Once you have changed your password and gained access to your profile, please verify that the information in your profile is correct and complete—contact information, back-up contact information (optional), OCLC or SkyRiver symbol, etc. You have complete control over all of this information

·         For more on why your MARC Organization Code may have been modified for the directory, see How Are Funnel Profiles and Funnel Member Profiles Configured in the PCC Directory  

·         Statistics can be recorded in the directory starting with the month your institution is activated.  The directory will not become the official source for PCC statistics until October 1, 2018, the first day of USA Federal Government Fiscal Year 2019

Here is a link to more information about the PCC Directory:




If you have any trouble accessing your profile, making changes to it, or if you have any questions, please email the PCC Directory email account, [log in to unmask]


Paul Frank on behalf of the PCC Secretariat


Paul Frank

Coordinator, NACO and SACO Programs

Cooperative Programs Section

Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division

Library of Congress

101 Independence Ave., SE

Washington, DC 20540-4230


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