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On Thursday, June 14th, the beta version of the new RDA Toolkit will be available that represents the RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign Project, also known as the 3R Project. The beta version can be accessed through a linked button in the top banner of the current RDA Toolkit. 


PCC members may access the Beta Site to familiarize themselves with the new structure. However, the version of RDA on the Beta Site should be viewed only as draft content. It has not been approved for use by the RDA Steering Committee and therefore should not be used for cataloging yet. 


For current cataloging work, PCC members should continue to use the old version of the Toolkit, which contains the official text of RDA and LC-PCC PSs; there are no changes in practice to be aware of at this time.


This is a period of transition in which the Beta Site is available for viewing while its content and functionality are finalized. There are several areas in the Beta Site where there are only placeholders for instructions. There are also several areas in the Beta Site where current RDA instructions have been copied, but they will be revised before the text is approved by the RSC. New and revised LC-PCC Policy Statements will also be developed.


A feedback submission form for the Beta Site is available at:


*****Please use this form to submit any insights, concerns, and suggestions that you have on the Beta Site. Do not submit feedback to the PCC Secretariat or the Library of Congress Policy and Standards Division (PSD).*****


For more information on what to expect from the RDA Toolkit Beta Site, see the RDA Toolkit News (


For more information about upcoming changes to the content of RDA, see RSC/Chair/19 (






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