*Call for Papers: *Special Issue on Name Authority Work in the Linked Data
Environment: *Journal of Library Metadata*

*Guest Editors:*

●     Patricia Lampron / Metadata Services Specialist (University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

●     Melanie Wacker / Metadata Coordinator (Columbia University Libraries)


Linked data and the semantic web have been the focus of library metadata
research for years, in particular, the question of how cultural heritage
and library communities can leverage this technology to enhance their
metadata and build relationships across the web to their materials. One
area of library metadata that stands to benefit from linked data is name
authority work. Utilizing various name authority thesauri such as VIAF,
LCNAF, etc. for the enhancement of local authority files allows for
building stronger connections between people and library resources, places,
and other people. Designing applications that allow users to explore name
authority metadata both from within and outside the local name authority
file can help to provide rich contextual information for researchers and
may help move the library community toward a more distributed model for
vocabulary maintenance.

But this work also comes with challenges. Remediating and preparing locally
created metadata for the linked data environment requires time, effort, and
knowledge. Best practices and workflows are required to maintain authority
files. Knowing what users want and expect from name authority metadata is
also necessary to design useful applications. This special issue aims to
explore current research, practices, and challenges in the work of creating
and maintaining local name authorities and how they benefit from and
interact with the linked data environment.

*Topics: *Recommended topics include, but are not limited to the following:

●     Name authority application development

●     Reconciliation and management of name authority metadata

●     Transitioning from authority files towards identity management

●     Best practices for local name authority files

●     Name authority metadata, application interfaces, and user needs

*Submission Procedure:* Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit
on or before July 31, 2018, a proposal (between 500 to 700 words) clearly
explaining the objectives and concerns of his or her proposed
article.  Authors of accepted proposals will be notified shortly about the
status of their proposals. Full manuscripts (3000-7000 words) are expected
to be submitted by September 30, 2018.  All submitted manuscripts will be
reviewed on a double-blind review basis.

Please forward submissions electronically (Word document) to the guest
editors at:

·         Patricia Lampron: [log in to unmask]

·         Melanie Wacker: [log in to unmask]

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