NLS Operations Alert


No. 18-57


DATE          :  June 27, 2018

TO                :  Network Libraries

FROM         :  Margie Goergen-Rood, Quality Assurance Section

SUBJECT   :  DB89714 recall for incorrect braille on labels



Please return all cartridges and containers for DB89714, A Wicked History, Books 16-18 to the following audio book producer:


Potomac Talking Book Service

7520 Standish Pl., Ste. 100

Rockville, MD  20855-7706


This recall is due to a braille error in the title on both the cartridge and container belly labels, incorrectly citing Books 6-18, instead of Books 16-18. Potomac Talking Book Service will send you a corrected cartridge and container as soon as possible.


We apologize for the inconvenience.


For more information contact:

Margie Goergen-Rood

Head, Quality Assurance Section

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