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Please remove me from your mailing list. Neither I, nor the Humanities North Dakota office, is involved with the Center for the Book activities any longer. I believe your contact should be with the North Dakota State Library.

Janet Daley Jury

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All—I have been told we will have more specific info re materials and shipping for the Parade of the States in early August, but this is what I have so far:

(Tim—could you please also forward this to your list? We will have some redundancies, but we will get to everyone who needs the info).


·       Junior League of Washington Volunteers in the Parade of the States are assigned to tables to help stamp maps, provide staff breaks, and generally help with whatever is needed. Specific tasks at this post include:

§  Greeting Festival attendees

§  Directing them to tables of interest

§  Providing general information about the Festival

§  Stamping state maps

§  Referring any problems or questions that you cannot answer to your JLW Captain 


·       Please Advise Exhibitors in POS that:

o   Each state team on the ground will be responsible for packaging and labeling all materials they would like to have shipped back to their office. Shipping labels will not be available. The states are expected to bring their packaging and pre-printed labels; we do not provide packaging and labels.

o   At the end of the day, Decibel is available to collect all boxes being shipped via carrier (GES Logistics, FedEx, UPS, DHL) from each individual exhibitor’s booth, subject to the following process.

o   Each exhibitor will receive a Material Handling Form in its booth.  If boxes need to be returned to the State/Territory, the exhibitor must fill out the Material Handling Form indicating the total number of boxes in the shipment and carrier of choice. There will be NO ADDITIONAL MATERIAL HANDLING CHARGE unless the freight weight exceeds the allowance of 250 lbs. If the sponsor’s freight exceeds that amount, they will be charged the published material handling rates. The Material Handling Form must be handed in to the Exhibitor Service Desk or the boxes will not be picked up. The Exhibitor Service Desk will (in all likelihood) be located in the bottom corner of Hall A by the food service stand.

o   Each package MUST be clearly labeled with a pre-paid shipping address label from the carrier of choice (GES Logistics FedEx, DHL, and UPS).

o   We will NOT provide labels.

o   Each box should be placed on the table with the labels clearly visible.

o   These boxes should be kept separate from any materials that are trash.