I've been suggesting for years that LC simply delete all the [language] & [language] and Polyglot records. Not only are they being used as examples for new records coded RDA (including by LC) but they are often updated to reflect only the translated languages.


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Dear PCC participants,


Catalogers at BIBCO institutions are not required by the PCC to authenticate every bibliographic record they create/update. If a cataloger decides not to authenticate a particular bibliographic record (i.e., the record is not being coded 042 pcc), there is no requirement that the AAPs on that record be supported by name authority records.


In the BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) RDA Metadata Application Profile, the phrase “if authenticating” was added to the rows for the 042 field for two reasons. First, to remind BIBCO catalogers not to add 042 pcc to a record if they are not authenticating it. Second, to let catalogers at non-PCC libraries (who might consult the BSR for guidance) know they should not be adding 042 pcc to their records. If anyone finds the BSR language unclear, please feel free to suggest a revision.


Finally, to get back to the original question: NACO libraries should definitely not be creating new authority records with AAPs in the following AACR2-style forms:


[Title]. $l [Language 1] & [Language 2]

[Name]. $t [Title]. $l [Language 1] & [Language 2]

[Title]. $l Polyglot

[Name]. $t [Title]. $l Polyglot


Existing AACR2 NACO records with such forms should be reported for deletion to [log in to unmask] once the cataloger has created/identified the necessary RDA replacement records.


See the following for more information:


Summary of Programmatic Changes to the LC/NACO Authority File: What LC-PCC RDA Catalogers need to know (p. 4)


NACO Training, Module 6 (slides 161-162)
NACO Training, Module 7 (slides 24-26, 46-47)


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.





Manon Théroux

Cooperative Cataloging Program Specialist
Acting BIBCO Coordinator

Library of Congress

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