The NAR for Boston Women's Ordination Conference ǂd (1980) seems to be clearly for a conference or meeting.  The bib record mentions a public hearing.  The heading should include the location in the qualifier.  If there is also an organization by that name it would probably have to be qualified by (Organization), but there is no need to establish it unless you have resources that require the name. It's also possible that Boston Women's Ordination Conference was the name of an organization that sponsored an otherwise unnamed public hearing in spring 1980.

The Women's Ordination Conference is clearly a corporate body, but I don't see that a clear relationship has been established between the two headings.

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Subject: [PCCLIST] A conference that's not a conference, but a corporate body?
Please help! I have in hand a book of presentations given at the Boston Women's Ordination Conference in Spring 1980 (OCLC#8204112). There is an authority record (ARN 1350854) with:
111 2_ Boston Women's Ordination Conference ǂd (1980)

Meanwhile, there is also a NAR (ARN 3063795) for:
110 2_ Women's Ordination Conference

The first record is created as a 111. However, this "conference" is an organization that existed 1978-1986 and, according to all evidence, had a big meeting with presentations only once, in 1980. Should it not actually be a 110? If so, should I revise it accordingly, or make a new record and request this one for deletion?

The second record is created as a 110. According to their history, this organization was founded in 1975 and had national conferences four times (1975, 1978, 1995, 2000). This record is properly a 110, right? Only if I came across proceedings of a national conference would I create a separate 111 record, right?

Assuming both of these records should be 110s, they would have a hierarchical superior/subordinate relationship, right? because the WOC had "state and local groups."

Thank you so much for guiding me through the woods on this one!


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