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>In the process of cataloging a copy of the 2010 edition of the DK Eyewitness books title Baseball, written by James Buckley, Jr. (ISBN 9780756659349; 72 pages) I noticed the following note on the verso of the title page: "Some of the material in this book previously appeared in Eyewitness Baseball by James Kelley, published in 2000, 2005".  The name authority record for Buckley (n 2002038095) gives his date of birth as 25 Jan 1963, and the name authority record for that James Kelley (n 99274861) gives the same date of birth.  Since the record for Buckley says he has also published under the pseudonym K. C. Kelley (name authority record (n 2003096759), I contacted him to ask whether he (Buckley) is the author of the Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness books title Baseball, written by James Kelley (ISBN 9780789452412; 60 pages), which has the following on the verso of the title page: "Text copyright � 2000 by James Buckley, Jr."  He confirmed that he is indeed the author of both, the earlier version having been published under a pseudonym, which he does not recall using for any other title.
>Is this a matter of merely tying the existing records for Buckley and Kelley together with a 500, or should the information on the Kelley record be transferred to the Buckley record and then reported for deletion, since that name was only used for a single title, a later edition of which was published (under the same title) with the author's actual name?
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You seem to be saying that the later title represents a new expression (revised edition) of the work represented by the earlier title. The quote from the title page verso says "Some of the material in this book previously appeared in ..." which sounds more like it could be considered a new work. There are two different solutions, depending on which of these is actually the case, and you may have to use some cataloger's judgment to determine that.

The quote I found on Amazon says "This completely revised edition of Eyewitness: Baseball includes all-new spreads on the minor leagues, college baseball, and more." The earlier version has 60 pages and the later has 72, which seems to imply that the revision wasn't all that complete. On that basis, without having compared the two, I would probably assume that we are dealing with two expressions here, not two works.

In this case (the later title represents a new expression/manifestation of the work represented by the earlier title), the relevant instruction in RDA is, "Different Identities for an Individual Responsible for a Work." And here we have two possibilities, also.

If you can determine which identity was used more frequently in manifestations embodying the work, the "alternate identity" James Kelley or the "real identity" James Buckley Jr., the instruction says to use that one in constructing the AAP for the work--probably the "alternate identity," on the basis of what I've found in OCLC. (There was a 2000 edition and a 2005 "revised edition," both using Kelley.) In this case, the NARs would remain separate (they need to be connected by 500s), since the "real identity" is used on other works and he has also used at least one other pseudonym, but the record for the edition with "James Buckley Jr." would have to go under the AAP for the "James Kelley" alternate identity. 

If, however, you find that you can't determine frequency, the section that applies is "If the identity used most frequently cannot be readily determined, construct the authorized access point representing the work by combining: a) the authorized access point representing the identity appearing in the most recent manifestation embodying the work [and] b) preferred title for work." In this case, all editions should go under the AAP for the real identity (the one most recently used), and the two NARs should probably be merged, as you outline (unless it turns out that the "alternate identity" was actually used on other works, contrary to the author's recollection).

However, if you should determine that the later title actually represents a new work, not a new expression, you would continue to use the respective AAPs for the "alternate identity" James Kelley for the earlier work and the "real identity" James Buckley Jr. for the later work, with the addition of 500s on both NARs. See and 

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