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I think you're confusing recording data in a 368 and *using* that data in an access point in a 1XX field. When recording information in a NAR in a 368 field there is no requirement for a parenthetical qualifier [unless the term drawn from a preferred vocabulary itself has a parenthetical qualifier] 

Some examples from the MARC standard of non-parenthetically-qualified data in a 368: https://www.loc.gov/marc/authority/ad368.html

110 2#$aJohann Traeg (Firm)
368 ##$aFirm

151 ##$aLlanmadoc (Wales)
368 ##$bVillage

100 0#$aSava,$cSaint,$d1169-1237
368 ##$cSaint

The requirement to use a parenthetical qualifier in an access point comes from E.1.2.2 in RDA, which tells us when to enclose in parentheses Ex.

Enclose a designation for a fictitious or legendary person in parentheses.
Enclose a designation for a real non-human entity in parentheses.
Enclose other designation in parentheses.

Finally, not all data which can be recorded in a 368 must be enclosed in parantheses when used in an access point, for instance Title of Person, Ex.

100 0#$aSoraya,$cPrincess,$d1932-2001
368 ##$dPrincess

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Can field 368, Other Attributes of Person or Corporate Body, be used without a corresponding parenthetical qualifier in the 1XX field? All of the examples in the MARC 21 documentation and the RDA Toolkit seem to require a qualifier in conjunction with the 368 field. But see, for example, n 79054596, which contains 368 State universities and colleges $2 lcsh. Should this actually be in field 372 (Field of activity)?


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