Dear Ben,

You are not dealing with vinyl discs in Victor M-127. They are Victrolac, a
cellulose based plastic compound that behaves differently. Blowing the
discs won't make any difference. The problem resides in the breakdown of
the plastic compound that leaves a viscous residue in the grooves that must
be cleaned out. You need a Keith Monks machine to do that correctly.
Another consideration is that the groove is smaller than standard Victor
shellac records of the period (1932). You should experiment with 2.5 and
2.0 mil both conical and elliptical. Depending on previous playback,
another size might work better but only trial and error will determine it.
Victrolac pressings are not particularly quieter than high quality shellac.
Victor later issued M-127 on 'Z' shellac pressings and that is the best way
to hear Stokowski's *Gurrelieder, *unless you can obtain the "Program
Transcription" discs (33.3) of another performance in the series presented
in The Academy of Music


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> Hi everyone,
> I have a the Victrola set M-127, Schonberg: Gurre-Lieder with Stokowski and
> Althaus.
> It's apparently a reissue because the records are all vinyl.
> I've blown them with a can of compressed air, but the stylus keeps jumping.
> I've tried different styli and cartridges and weights:
> For instance: Shure M44-7 with 2.8ET and 3.5FCR, *GE* VRII 2.5mil, Stanton
> 3.3ET in a Stanton 500 cartridge, *but the styli keep jumping grooves* -
> one at a time - once per rotation.
> I've even tried a Stanton 681 LP stylus.  I've tried 3 different speeds,
> I thought the vinyls would sound better than shellac, and maybe they would
> if I weren't having THIS crazy problem.
> Any suggestions? PLEASE!
> Thank you.
> Ben Roth

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