Hi Mason (and all!) --

Just a quick note to mention that AVP is in the process of launching a new
service for providing secure (and/or public) access to audiovisual files
online: aviary.

Currently in development and scheduled for release in Fall 2018, aviary is
the result of a collaboration between AVP and the Fortunoff Video Archive
for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University. aviary will be launched as a
hosted subscription-based platform that brings enhanced search and
navigation to audio and video through time-stamped transcripts, indexes,
and annotations made on text and video. The aviary platform will integrate
with existing online video platforms such as Vimeo, Kaltura, YouTube, and
Internet Archive as well as provide the ability to upload AV if you are not
using an online video platform already.

Features include:
Search and navigation of AV through synchronized transcripts and indexes
Ability to generate and search annotations made on transcripts and/or video
Granular search across organizations and collections
Ability to use your existing online video platform or upload to aviary
Themes for seamless integration into your own website
Permissions controls to provide secure and targeted access to AV resources

You can find more information here, and let us know if these features are
of interest, too!

Thanks, and all best regards!

- Bert


Bertram Lyons

New York | Wisconsin | Florida | Wyoming | Chile

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On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 1:40 PM, Mason Vander Lugt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi ARSC, over on the SAA Audio & Moving Image listserv an archivist at the
> University of Colorado is looking for suggestions for a web service that
> can securely host and stream audio or video. Suggestions included Vimeo,
>, Youtube (private) and Soundcloud. Do you have any other
> suggestions? Feel free to respond on that list (apologies for the unwieldy
> link) -
> home/digestviewer/viewthread?GroupId=109&MessageKey=
> e6cb7121-3f01-41b6-a2cf-e47b5b7a958e&CommunityKey=0837fe95-8d1b-4122-9231-
> 39c5bcc56fc3
> I also wanted to ask whether ARSC member/affiliated archives have a policy
> for this kind of service, or whether ARSC has a best-practice
> recommendation?
> Some related questions -
> Is streaming a "distribution" relative to Copyright law?
> Is password-protecting access and disabling download sufficient protection?
> If archives aren't doing this, is it for copyright/IP concerns or
> potential bandwidth/capacity issues?
> Would archives be more open to providing this kind of service through a
> non-commercial platform?