On 8/7/2018 10:06 PM, Kurt Nauck wrote:
> The comments have been great. But they've left me with some questions.
> I have 79:54 of material at this stage, which includes fade transitions, 
> but no actual intervals.

There are probably a few seconds of silence at the end of each cut, 
which you might consider shopping.

> The duplicator I spoke to told me that a full 80 min CD can lead to 
> problems in the duplication process - that the closer you get to the 
> middle, the greater the potential tracking problems. That comment was 
> the genesis of my question. Should I be concerned? Can this be mitigated 
> by a higher quality blank?

First off, do remember that a CD plays from the inside out, so the 
problematic tracks would probably be at the end of the album.

> I did consider running a compression in Audition as Lou suggested. But I 
> know that to shrink an image file by an odd figure can leave some 
> unpleasant artifacting, and I assume the same may be true for audio 
> files as well. If I bought myself 20 seconds by squeezing the tracks, 
> will that prove to be problematic? It probably would be for those with 
> perfect pitch!

You can shorten them via resampling by a few percent while leaving the 
pitch as is -- Audition, for example, will let you do that. Thing is, it 
works best on 32-bit floating-point files, so for best results you'd 
need to shrink the files before they're dithere down to 16 bit.
> If a person with an older player not designed to handle an 80 minute 
> disc attempts to play one, what would be the result? Would he not be 
> able to hear the beginning, the end, or would he just have tracking 
> problems throughout?

I'd guess throughout; the way manufacturers get 80 minutes onto a disc 
is by departing from the usual intertrack* spacing. (*Yes, I know it's 
not really "intertrack", just as a 78 doesn't normally have "grooves" -- 
just one groove per side. Whatever -- they make the disc with a 
non-standard spacing, so some players will gag all the way through as 
their servos fail to keep the laser properly focused. But I think 
players that won't play an 80-minute disc are pretty thin on the ground 
by now; correct me if I'm wrong.

Paul Stamler

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