Hi Ben-There are most likely calibration pots on the circuit board as well - 
they can also introduce noise.-Mickey

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On 8/22/2018 8:42 AM, 6295LARGE wrote:

> It sounds like the TV between channels.
> What should I suggest to the repair guy?

Very important: Does the noise happen in both channels, or just one?
And, also very important, is the noise present only when you're playing
a tape, or is it also present when you're monitoring the source(input)?
Knowing the answers to these questions will help a great deal.


> Regards,
> Ben
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>> Hi Ben,
>> Do you mean a broad-band noise or hiss, like white noise? Is it in both
>> channels, or just one? It sounds like a noisy transistor in the playback
>> electronics, but I would be surprised if that were to happen in both
>> channels at the same time.
>> Gary
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>> Hi
>> I have a TEAC 2340 which I love, but there's "snow" in the output.
>> I know it's not the pods, because I just had them cleaned and there's no
>> static sound when I increase or decrease the output volume.
>> Any suggestions on what it might be?
>> Thanks.
>> Ben Roth

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