I have had good luck cutting and the Revere/3M/CBS Labs tape cartridges 
for use in cassettes. These were three-track in theory, but the centre 
track was apparently never implemented. You do need a four track head to 
play the outer two tracks, but it worked fine.

I have also loaded several other 0.150-inch wide tape into cassettes 
from various other dictation devices like a Stuzzi Memocord and 
something else I forget.

Some of these were "rim drive" and required pitch shifting, which is 
easy in most DAW software or iZotope RX.



On 2018-08-23 6:29 AM, Tim Gillett wrote:
> Well the tape is basically the same as cassette but as I said, there's 
> probably a much longer tape length than would fit into a standard 
> Compact Cassette so it would need to be divided into shorter lengths 
> that would fit into standard CC shells. I've never done this personally 
> as I have the proper LFH 0084 machine to play the original cassettes 
> without alteration and in any case nobody has ever come to me with such 
> a cassette for transfer. These were specialised business dictation 
> machines and tapes. Perhaps someone in the list can share direct 
> experience of cutting into lengths and reshelling into Compact Cassette 
> shells.
> My original 0084 is not exactly high fidelity, having a lot of hum 
> pickup from its motor/transformer, and I assume that is how they were  
> new where only dictation quality was required. I guess it depends on 
> your particular project such as the number of tapes involved, and 
> whether they just need to be auditioned for content, or everything 
> transferred at high quality.
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