Hello ARSC members. I'm hoping to get some advice.

I'm digitizing a collection of aural history interviews recorded on 
cassette tape. The deck that was used for recording was a standard low 
cost portable deck with the built-in mic. Several of the tapes have some 
serious wow at the beginning of the tape. It gets better 5 minutes in 
although it's still there as the recording goes on.

I'm hoping to repair the wow with at least an acceptable listenable 
result through software. I read a bit about Melodyne Capstan, but it 
appears to me that this program keys in on musical notes to fix wow in 
content that's musical in nature. Since this content is not musical, 
would Capstan still work? The price for the software is beyond the 
client's budget, so I'm happy to work with someone who has the software, 
if the software would work and that person would be interested in a 
small one-off job.

Are there other programs that can automatically fix wow in recorded 
content that is spoken word? There's too much content time to try and 
fix this manually and still stay within the client's budget parameters 
so it has to be an automatic software based program that is affordable 
($250 or less). I can't seem to find other offerings that fit within the 
client's budget parameters.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Kind Regards,

John Schroth
Media Transfer Service, LLC