Thank you, Gary,

I'm preparing the 78 set for eBay sale.  Here is what I've now written based
on this info:

Notes on inside of the covers by Nicolas Slonimsky.   The Columbia LP
reissue,  ML-4471, uses Slonimsky's opening and description of each section,
uncredited,  but omits the long Schoenberg quote on the inside back cover of
the 78 set  in which  the composer writes not only about this recording of
the work but also mentions the performers, by names, of others who performed
it earlier.  He states that Steuermann played the piano part in the premiere
and many subsequent performances.  

I don't recall seeing this info elsewhere. "Collected writings" anthologies
seldom include liner notes which many bibliographers consider "declasse."

Thanks again,


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Hi Steve,

The author of the LP liner notes is uncredited, but you can easily read them
on this eBay listing:

They are the same notes that Columbia used on the Odyssey LP reissue, also



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Schoenberg. Pierrot Lunaire.


On Columbia ML-4473 with a red cover, can someone with a copy let me  know
who did the liner notes?  The 78 set's notes are by Slonimski.  Did they
change them for the LP?


Steve Smolian