I have a setup that does just that. It's installed into a legacy PC that 
runs Win. 2K Pro. I used it to transfer a SFX library (about 200 DAT's) 
for a client. It took some fiddling and has a learning curve (I had to 
use some Command Line statements for Win 2K) but, in the end, it worked 
quite well. It may be easier to install and run on a later Windoze OS. 
I'm unsure whether or not it will work with 32 Bit Files, it would 
depend on the transport, I think. The tapes I transferred were 16 Bit, 
48k. I wouldn't mess with this system unless you have a considerable 
amount of DAT's to transfer. There is a Yahoo group that is at the 
forefront of this. You will probably need a Yahoo account but you can 
find out more at:



Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 8/31/2018 11:57 AM, David Breneman wrote:
> Has anyone tried to extract the audio files from a DAT tape using a computer DDS take drive?  I think most of these had SCSI-2 interfaces.  They are almost certainly heavier-duty than an audio DAT tape drive.  I've seen people cram tapes into them like they were trying to punch their hand through a sheetrock wall, and the drives always took a beating without complaint.
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