Hi Ben,

I have this set. If your records are made of a thin, black material that looks like vinyl, with scroll labels, in a buckram album, then it's actually an original issue pressed on Victrolac. Mine play fine with a 2.5 mil TE. I had a post-war reissue with the flag-style cover that was pressed on shellac with RCA Victor labels. I don't believe the post-war set ever appeared on red vinylite. 



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Hi everyone,

I have a the Victrola set M-127, Schonberg: Gurre-Lieder with Stokowski and
It's apparently a reissue because the records are all vinyl.
I've blown them with a can of compressed air, but the stylus keeps jumping.
I've tried different styli and cartridges and weights:
For instance: Shure M44-7 with 2.8ET and 3.5FCR, *GE* VRII 2.5mil, Stanton
3.3ET in a Stanton 500 cartridge, *but the styli keep jumping grooves* -
one at a time - once per rotation.
I've even tried a Stanton 681 LP stylus.  I've tried 3 different speeds,
I thought the vinyls would sound better than shellac, and maybe they would
if I weren't having THIS crazy problem.
Any suggestions? PLEASE!

Thank you.
Ben Roth