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Metadata is going through a massive transformation. The RDA 3R project, BIBRAME and other linked data standards are changing the ways we provide access to information. How are these changes affecting the way you catalog?

Join Amigos Library Services and keynote speaker, Kathy Glennan, Chair-Elect of the RDA Steering Committee, by submitting a presentation sharing your experiences, ideas and innovations about the future of cataloging. Our online conference will take place on Thursday, November 8.

Suggested topics include:

  *   RDA
     *   The new RDA and its effect on your library's cataloging practices
     *   New RDA entities and elements
     *   RDA recording methods
     *   RDA relationships
     *   RDA and Linked data
     *   The RDA Toolkit 3R project

  *   MARC

     *   Adding linked data URLs to access points in preparation for BIBFRAME
     *   Transitioning from MARC to BIBFRAME
     *   Linked Data cataloging workflows
     *   Changes to MARC Bibliographic and Authorities formats reflecting the new RDA
     *   New practices in creating authority records (linked data URLs)
  * and other ways to make library holdings appear in web search results
  *   Cataloging nonbook formats, including, but not limited to: audio recordings, video recordings, eBooks, music.

If you can speak to one of these topics, or have another idea in mind, please submit your proposal here<> by August 30, 2018. Don't worry if you've never presented online. It's easy, and we are happy to train you and will provide technical support during your presentation.

For more information about this conference, contact Bill Walker, [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> or 800-843-8482 ext. 2853.

Bill Walker
Cataloging and Metadata Trainer
Amigos Library Services
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