I getting ready to create an authority for Glycon, a deity who had a cult
in Asia Minor in the second and third centuries AD.  At least one
authoritative source indicates that Glycon was an avatar of Asklepios, and
this is a relationship I would like to have present in the authority.
Sadly, there is no official terminology for such a relationship in Appendix
K in the RDA Toolkit.  I'll be making a proposal, but I want to make sure
I'm suggesting terminology the rest of you (or at least those who might
care) are happy with.

Ideally, the term "avatar" would somehow be worked into the proposal.
"Avatar of" seems a perfectly fine choice.  However, the reciprocal becomes
wordy, less than clear, and far from ideal, e.g. "Represented by the
avatar," "Physical manifestation," etc.

Thus, what I'm going to propose, unless one of you chimes in with a better
idea is "Incarnation of" with an easy and delightfully to the point
reciprocal, "Incarnated as."

What do you think?



Bob Talbott

Principal cataloger/Hebraica cataloger

UC Berkeley

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Berkeley, CA 94720

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