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> I was asked about the access point for the PCC record with ISBN = 9780226545448
> (Ekklesia : ǂb three inquiries in church and state).
> It was catalogued by LC under title because it consists of 3 separate works ...

That's correct.

> ... with an introduction written together by the 3 authors, but changed
> on OCLC (# 992562179) to be under the first named author.
> Should the record have been changed?

No.  It wouldn't surprise me if the layout of the title page (represented by the 245 $c) had something to do with this.  Or the catalogers speculated was that though each author composed their own material/chapter, they were "collaborating" together on the fuller work.  This latter one has thrown me for a loop sometimes.

See slides #16ff and their presenter's notes in this LC presentation:

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