Just one additional point: the gender recorded in 375 does not necessarily have to be justified in a 670 field.  Another option is to use $v/$u in the 375 field itself.

The Report of the PCC Ad Hoc Task Group on Gender in Name Authority Records ( was clear about this:


page 3:  Justify gender data recorded in the 375 field in a subfield $v or 670 field or both


page 8:


100 1 $a Jennings, Jazz

375    $a Transgender people $2 lcdgt $v Being Jazz : my life as a (transgender) teen, 2016


In the example above, the subtitle of the person’s autobiography is all that’s needed to justify the gender recorded.  It can be recorded in a 670 or in the 375 $v as shown here.


100 1 $a Reed, Carol, $d 1906-1976

375    $a Males $2 lcdgt $v Wapshott, Nicholas. Carol Reed : a biography, 1994


In the above example, the $v records the source of the information that this person is male.  That’s all that’s required.  No need to put something in the 670 that says that the person is referred to by male personal pronouns (although that’s not prohibited either).


The original post on this asked:


Would “page 63 (his)” be sufficient? Or even “page 63 ([male])”?


I would reply, no.  Just recording a pronoun or bracketed gender looks odd to me.  Either quote the text found in the source or, as someone else suggested, record that the person is referred to with male pronouns, or add $v to the 375 and you don’t have to even specify a particular page where the information was found.  Using $v in 375 tells us that the source cited provides info for the attribute recorded in the field without making us have to specify where in the resource the info was found.


Incidentally, $v can be used in most of the 3XX fields.  I use it particularly when I’m adding a new attribute to an NAR and everything else in the record is already justified by other 670s.  Instead of adding another 670 that just repeats info already found in the 670s present, I add the new 3XX field and justify it with $v (and sometimes $u if the resource is online; note that PCC policy is that you can’t add just $u, there must be a $v and then including $u to link to the online source is optional).


--Adam Schiff

University of Washington Libraries