I donít need to repeat what Bob said.  But do want to point out that these compilations are considered works, not expressions and therefore the qualifier used in parentheses does not go in a separate subfield.   $s is used in expression records for expression elements, not in work records.  Form of work is not separately subfielded.  

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Subject: Work NAR distinguishing short story collection and a short story with same title

Dear collective wisdom, maybe Iím overthinking this (it is Friday after all) but I have a manifestation which includes three previously published works (short story collections) which all have distinctive titles and also include a short story with the same title. In creating work NARs for the 3 short story collections should I include, for example Ö $s (Collection) to distinguish the collections from the individual short stories? It appears that, so far, none of these short stories have been published outside of their respective collections but that doesnít mean they wonít be in the future or wonít be translated at some point. I donít find similar examples in RDA or, after checking some prolific authors, in NAF.


Thank you for any advice, etc.


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