I’ve generally used 368 for “Heroes” though I see plenty of the “Heroes” term recorded in 374 in the file. It also looks like “Superheroes” has been recorded in both fields (and at least once, incorrectly, in 372). “Superheroes” seems a little more like an occupation (374) than “Heroes”, but I think I’d use 368 for both “Heroes” and “Superheroes”.




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Subject: Superheroes - profession/occupation or other distinguishing characteristic?


Hi Collective Wisdom,


I’m establishing the name of a superhero.  I’m wondering where to record the attribute that the person is a superhero.  In LCSH we have the heading Superheroes.  In NARs for individual superheroes, that has been recorded in either 374 (profession/occupation) or 368 $c (other attributes of person or corporate body).


RDA has this definition: profession or occupation: A person's vocation or avocation


RDA has this definition: other designation associated with person: A term other than a title that is associated with a person


Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary has these definitions:


vocation 2 a : the work in which a person is employed : occupation  b : the persons engaged in a particular occupation


avocation 1 : a subordinate occupation pursued in addition to one's vocation especially for enjoyment : hobby   2 : customary employment : vocation


Is being a superhero a vocation or avocation?  My inclination is that it is not, and I should record Superheroes in 368 $c:


368 ## $c Superheroes $2 lcsh


Please discuss!


--Adam Schiff


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