I find this extremely ironic.  WMS was initially sold as being an economic purchase because it was so efficient.  Many directors bought into that and cataloging positions disappeared: orders were placed through WMS; when books were sent, the school's holding symbol was attached to a record; such records were brought down into, or automatically imported, and all the dept. had to do was label the books.  No authority work was ever done (directors very happy!  More efficient.  We take, never give back).  Now you are introducing an upgrade to Record Manager which is probably the most expensive part of cataloging, authority work.  Directors will probably discourage the use of this enhancement.  They want to save money and justify costs to the administration.

How truly ironic.  Cataloging on the cheap.  Yay, say directors.  Not any more.  

Gene Fieg

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PCC Colleagues:

I’m posting this on behalf of my colleague Sara Newell, whose signature follows the message.  This also pertains to some questions posted on the CONSER list last week.  If you do have questions, feel free to go to OCLC Support, as noted.

----Cynthia M. Whitacre

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OCLC previously announced that WorldShare Record Manager will be enhanced to support Name Authority Cooperative Project (NACO) functionality for creating and maintaining Library of Congress (LC) authority records, as well as functionality for creating and maintaining Canadiana name authority records to support the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) implementation of WMS.


This new functionality will be released in two phases.  You will start to see some of the functionality appear in the Record Manager application on 28 July 2018.  Please do not use this functionality until OCLC announces its full availability (which is expected in September).


Features which will be available in a future release of WorldShare Record Manager, include:


  • The ability to create, add, derive, edit, and replace LC/NACO Name Authority records
  • Use of duplicate detection upon validating, adding or replacing authority records
  • Support for linking authority records
  • Access to the Online Saved – In Progress File and the ability to save and lock authority records
  • Support of the “submit for review” workflow for LC/NACO Name Authority file records
  • The ability to make changes to an authority record after contribution up until the daily distribution. With this change, if you contribute a new or updated NACO record and notice something you want to change, you will be able to do that within Record Manager on the same day, up until the time the file is distributed to LC.  After the daily distribution, the records will be locked in distribution as you experience now, until they come back from LC.
  • Note: Functionality to generate an authority record from a bibliographic record heading is not yet available; OCLC expects to add this functionality in the future.


To learn more about these features, please see the Record Manager release notes. These features complement functionality for working with authority records that was released with the March 2018 release including:


  • Authority History File
  • Authority Browsing (incl. root/expanded browsing for the LC/NACO Name Authority file)
  • New preferences for authority records


Once the new functionality is available, you will have the option of using Record Manager in addition to Connexion for NACO work. If you have questions, please contact OCLC Support.






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