I am reluctant to add gender to a record except when the name itself is ambiguous or misleading and I have reasonable evidence that the person has a specific preference.  For the most part, I am waiting for the proposal on gender to be approved.


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Subject: [PCCLIST] Citing proof of gender in 670 for 375


Is there a best practice citation format for proof of gender in the 670 for the data we put in the 375? Is there a best practice as to when to do it? Obviously we should do it in doubtful or unusual situations, but would it be odd to do this for everyone?


Example: our person’s name is Shelby R. Gilley. Our proof that this is a man’s name is on page 63 (Shelby Gilley wrote about his friendship). Would “page 63 (his)” be sufficient? Or even “page 63 ([male])”? I have found cases where the only proof is the name itself as a clearly masculine or feminine name, or the only proof is the author’s picture.


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