You usually base the preferred name on the form found on preferred sources of information.  For textual resources, that is the title page as the first preferred source.  The form of name found on other sources in your book would be considered a variant name.  Since he doesn't have other publications, there is no way to infer that he is most commonly known under a different form from the one found on the title page.  Unless you email him and ask his preference!  :)

That's my 2 cents, at least.  :)

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I have in hand a dissertation by Jantinus Bruins.  It is a published dissertation (CRC Press/Balkema).  On the title page his name is given as Jantinus Henderikus Bruins.  For the copyright, acknowledgements, cover, and vita, he uses Jantinus Bruins.  The DNB has established him as Bruins, Jantinus Henderikus, 1961-.  I am inclined to think that if he publishes in future, he will not use his middle name.  Is there any way that I can simply use Bruins, Jantinus, 1961-, or does necessity still dictate that I use the form on the title page?

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