Collective cataloging brilliance,

We sometimes receive (as gifts) final draft versions, and sometimes the galleys, to published books in our collections. Our selectors like to have them sit on the shelves next to the published version. My general approach is to catalog these on their own records and give them the same call number as the published version, adding a "d" to the date.

Usually, of course, the draft has the same title as the published verison. I can use a uniform title to distinguish, but my question is: if I'm going to add a uniform title (130 or 240) would I use $s (version) or $g (miscellaneous) to hold the term, "Draft," etc.? And does it come before or after $l (yes, I have a draft version of a translation).

Any advice appreciated,

Benjamin Abrahamse
Cataloging Coordinator
Acquisitions & Discovery Enhancement
MIT Libraries